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Linux Phone News - February 10, 2024

Hey there! Hope everyone has been doing great in this New Year.

It's been quite awhile since we've been able to do an update, but things have calmed down and we're finally back with a new update to get caught up through what has been up in the world of Linux Phones since our last roundup!

Ubuntu Touch OTA-4 Update

Ubuntu Touch has a brand new update, OTA-4, that is available now on several Android devices, both Pinephones, and a few tablets!

Here are the details:

The update is available on these devices:

Ubuntu Touch OTA-4 is based on Ubuntu 20.04 LTS, and contains several new features for your convenience. Here's a quick breakdown on some of the new features:

As you can see, a nice new update awaits you if you run Ubuntu Touch on your own device and haven't updated yet!

If you would like to learn more about this update, including further details on the ones mentioned here and a deep-dive into the smaller bugfixes and QoL upgrades, check out the update notice from Ubports!

Phosh Updates

If you like the Phosh Shell on your Linux mobile device, you'll be interested in a few updates from the Phosh Team on new developments in the Linux Phone mobile environment.

Looking at the 2023 wrap-up on the Phosh website, you'll notice some of the nice new features that have been introduced into the software over the last year. These include:

0.35.0 was released on January 7 of this year, and includes some of these nice new changes:

Please check out the link above if you would like to go deeper into the details on the 0.35.0 update.

Mobian: Looking Ahead

On their blog, the Mobian Team did a nice look back at everything they accomplished in 2023, and mentioned some things in the plans for the mobile distribution this year. Here are some of the highlights that we might see coming to Mobian this year:

For a deeper dive into the roadmap and a look back at the Mobian developments last year, be sure to check out the link above!

Linux Phone App Highlight

I want to start highlighting some of the apps I have been using in each update to shine a spotlight on them, and the devs building them. As such, we will begin highlighting some apps in our roundups!

Do you have any favorite applications to use on your Linux Phone? If so, please shout it out to us on the Fediverse, on Twitter, or in the FOSSphones Community group, and we will be sure to write it up in our next roundup!

That about wraps up this one! I'm finally able to get back to regular updates, so expect another one shortly! Until then, thanks for hanging out for this latest FOSSphones news roundup and have a great week!