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I had originally set up a Discourse instance for FOSSphones not long ago, but then I realized I had an even better option already available.

Instead of trying to build up a forum, why not just set up some simple communication channels using software that folks in the FOSS space are already using?

Naturally, Matrix and xmpp were the first things to jump to mind. I now have an Element Space set up on Matrix.

Anyone is free to come join in and talk about the latest in Linux Phones, projects, software, and anything else we feel like discussing.

We already have a few people hanging out in the Matrix room, stop by and say hi sometime if you would like!

Here are the community channels I am getting together for FOSSphones.

FOSSphones on Matrix

Feel free to join us in the FOSSphones Matrix Space. There are already a few of us chilling in here every now and again!

Feel free to click the link below to join the FOSSphones Matrix Space anytime you feel like talking about the latest in Linux Phones:

Join the FOSSphones Matrix Space

FOSSphones on XMPP

I have been thinking about also making an XMPP server for FOSSphones. I don't have this setup yet, but I will post it here as soon as I do it...

...if/when I do, of course :)

FOSSphones on IRC

Naturally, we have to be cool and have an IRC channel up and running! I'm going to be working on this at some point this week when I have some free time.

With a FOSSphones IRC channel, the goal would be for someone to be able to pop in and get help anytime they have a question or trouble with their Linux/DeGoogled phones.

As soon as I have the channel up and running, I will post updates here.