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Linux Phone News - September 21, 2023

Hey there, and thanks for stopping by FOSSphones for the latest Linux Phone News Roundup!

There haven't been a ton of new updates the last few weeks, but there are a few things you should be looped in on, including a few announcements from the Purism world and some new software updates you will want to be in the know about.

So, let's dive right in!

Purism is Dropping a New Tablet

The company most well-known for their line of Linux-first laptops and smartphones is about to be adding a new product to their lineup - a tablet!

Dubbed the Librem 11, the new tablet from Purism does all of the normal, Librem-y stuff you would expect. It runs Purism's own, Debian-based PureOS out of the box, and comes with PureBoot. If you're curious about the hardware specs, here are some of the highlights:

This is an exciting time for GNU/Linux on tablets, with a host of hardware options becoming available between the PineTab family, the FydeTab Duo, and now this new entry from Purism, one of the most well-known names in the mobile Linux hardware game.

The tablet will also come with a keyboard that doubles as a protective screen for the device. It attaches through a hard-wired USB connection and doesn't require an extra battery in order to operate.

I have not seen any pricing information on the device, but I will update in a new roundup as soon as that information is available. This looks like another exciting entry into the Linux mobile hardware space, and I am excited to test one out!

If you want to find out more about the Librem 11, please check out the Librem 11 Purism page!

Phosh 0.31.0 - a New Major Release is Fresh Out of the Oven

If you're familiar with the various GNU/Linux mobile distributions, you have certainly seen or used Phosh, or the "Phone Shell", which aims to be the graphical shell for mobile devices running GNU/Linux distros.

This month, we saw a major release of Phosh, version 0.31.0. It brings with it a few welcome updates, with the main ones being:

For the full list of changes in Phosh 0.31.0, please see the changelog.

The underlying window manager, Phoc, was also updated to 0.31.0, and features a few of the following changes:

For the full list of changes in Phoc 0.31.0, please see the changelog.

If you would like to see the announcement page directly from the Phosh Team, please check out this link for more information.

Updates From the Droidian Team, and a New Snapshot!

We got a new update from Droidian on September 16 with some new updates about what is on the latest snapshot from the team. If you are unfamiliar with the Droidian project, it aims to make Debian GNU/Linux run on a variety of Android phones.

Building on top of Debian 13 Trixie, there have been a number of announcements for this snapshot for you to be aware of and excited about! Here are a few of the highlights this time around:

If you want a more in-depth summary of these changes and updates, I highly recommend you check out the blog post from the Droidian team documenting them.

If you want to download the latest snapshot of Droidian (snapshot 27) for your supported device, you can obtain it from this this link.

Purism Confirms That All Librem 5 Orders Have Shipped Out

Folks who ordered a Librem 5 should now have received it, as early this month, Purism confirmed that all Librem 5 devices have been shipped out to their new homes.

With the batches for those waiting being shipped out, the Librem 5 is now in-stock on the Purism store, and you can expect a 14-day lead time to delivery for all new orders of the device. If you have been thinking about purhasing and you were waiting, now is a great time to look into placing your order.

You can see the original announcement from Purism at this link to learn more.

That's just about it for another Linux Phone News Roundup. I look forward to learning more about the new hardware from Purism, and I'm definitely going to be doing testing of these new software updates and releases we have been introduced to in ths roundup.

As always, thanks for stopping by FOSSphones and catching up on the latest roundup! Have a great week, and we will see you in the next one.