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PinePhone Daily Driver Challenge- Away We Go

The time has finally come. I think it is about time for me to start daily-driving my PinePhone like I have been planning for quite awhile. It has been a minute since I've been able to do anything update-wise with FOSSphones, as I have been working on doing a ton of coding with my company on some projects (which are still under wraps, but I can't wait to share them when the time comes!).

What are my plans?

I am about to be finally launching the PeerTube instance for FOSSphones that I have been thinking about doing for so long now. I have a domain, and I am about to be building the instance out and getting some stuff set up on it. When this is done, I will invite everyone who would like to post on the instance to be able to do that, if they wish.

With all of this in mind, I am going to be doing my PinePhone Daily Driver Challenge that I have also been talking about doing for ages, while holding onto my LineageOS device as my "work" phone in case I need it (which I will, for a few pieces of work-critical software).

A lot has been going on around the world of Linux on mobile since the last time I was able to post an update, and I have a big update in the works that is going to be coming out before the end of this week.

I have been streaming on Twitch again a lot more this year, and plan on doing a good deal more of that as well. The reason I mention this is because I would like to do a few FOSS-related streams (in the vein of the old "FOSScast" video I did a year or so ago, but better). I think this could be a fun way to bring the community into what FOSSphones is up to and continuing to do our part to grow our Linux Phone community.

I plan to post weekly updates about my PinePhone Daily Driver Challenge both on here and on the @FOSSphones account on neighborli, my fediverse (Pleroma) instance.

Stay tuned, things are finally about to be going aroud here again!